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The theory of terrestrial magnetism

Majority of models of terrestrial magnetism try to explain why the main magnetic field of the Earth near the poles is of the order of 1 Oe. Such statement of the basic problem of terrestrial magnetism models nowadays is unacceptable. Space flights and the development of astronomy show a remarkable and earlier unknown fact that magnetic moments of all planets of Solar system, as well as some their satellites and a number of stars are proportional to their angular momenta.
This fact makes it necessary to reformulate the main task of the model of terrestrial magnetism. It should explain, first, why the magnetic moment of the Earth, as well as of other space bodies, is proportional to its angular momentum and, second, why the proportionality coefficient is close to the ratio of world constants - to G^{1/2}/c.

In the discussed theory it is shown that for the Earth is energetically favorable to have its core consisting from dense electron-ion plasma. This makes it possible to construct an intrinsic self-consistent theory of the Earth. The calculated density distribution, the moment of inertia, and the magnetic moment of the Earth evaluated in the framework of the discussed theory are in an agreement with measurement results.

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