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Boris V. Vasiliev

Boris V. Vasiliev was born in 1937 in Ekaterinburg ( Russia ).

His father - Vasilyi Volkov, scientist - geophysics - was killed during the Stalinist purges of 1937.

His mother - Nina A. Vasilieva raised her three children and gave them the higher education by herself after the death of her husband . 
Boris Vasiliev graduated from the Physical-Techical Department of the Ural Polytechnic Institute and was postgraduate of Kurchatov Institute 
( supervisor - Academician Isaak K. Kikoine ). PhD ( 1968 ), Dr. Sci. Sciences ( 1984 ).

Author of over 100 scientific papers and several books. 
He started to work as a research engineer and came to the Director of the Research Institute in Dubna for more 35 years

His main achievements 
The description of the super-phenomena - superconductivity and superfluidity - as a consequence of ordering zero-point oscillations. 
 * The theory of hot stars, built taking into account the gravity-induced electric polarization intrastellar plasma. 
 * The theory of Earth's magnetic field. 
 * The electromagnetic model of neutron and quantum mechanical nature of nuclear forces. 

* Hyperons as excited states of neutron.

 * Experimental evidence that the cause of beta-decay is the neutrino flux.
 * Electromagnetic nature of neutrinos. 
 * Discovery and study of thermo-magnetic effect in metals. 
 * The theory rf-SQUID. 
 * The experimental determination of the upper limit of the existence of an electric dipole moment of the electron, 
in violation of CP and T invariance (the measurement results entered in the directory on the properties of elementary particles). 
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